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Longtime fans of the massively popular Plants Vs. Zombies franchise will be elated to know that the developers just dropped a teaser advertising their upcoming game Plants Vs Zombies Heroes: The Lawn of a New Battle.

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Unravel – PC game

He may be tiny, but Yarny’s got a huge heart. Learn more about how Unravel creator Martin Sahlin made the very first Yarny doll with his helpful guide. Then get some yarn and create a Yarny of your own!

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LIV HEART 2017 Plush Toys

LIV HEART is known for their ridiculously sweet and ridiculously soft plush toys, and their lineup is more adorable than ever for 2017! This is especially true of their Nemunemu line of sleepy characters that are perfect for snuggling up with while you take a nap.

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358 figma Shoyo Hinata

A figma of the “Ultimate Decoy” from Karasuno High School’s volleyball team!

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League of Legends Cosplay

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Code Geass C.C Cosplay

CN  April Wong

Photo by Shinryu 神龍

Assisted by Suk Voon Tan Cassia Wong Kong Yuen Kwee At Studio14 – Themed Photography 

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Butterfly Fairy

Model & Design Misa Chiang – Photo by 萌哥 Moe Photography

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SP-076 figma Angel Statues

The figma Angel Statues are so cute that they are being rereleased!

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Parallel Paradise (manga)

The manga from Lynn Okamoto (author of Elfen Lied and Gokukoku no Brynhildr). Is out on the 16 issue of Young Magazine.

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Cosplay Overwatch D.Va


Nationality: Korea

Cosplay Character :D.Va

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