1MORE Spearhead Over-Ear Headphones


1MORE, a consumer audio company, brings their award-winning audio quality and design to the gaming battlefield, raising the bar of audio quality and value in the gaming headphone market. 

SHANGHAI, China, July 27, 2017 – 1MORE welcomes the Spearhead VRX and VR Gaming Headphones to its bevy of award-winning audio products.  The gaming series will consist of two models, the premium Spearhead VRX Virtual Surround & 3D Audio Headphones (Spearhead VRX) for hard-core gamers, and Spearhead VR Headphones (Spearhead VR) for gaming enthusiasts. Also new is the gaming “spearhead” logo that 1MORE created to inspire users to be ready for battle.

The headphones are available at Tmall on-line shop of 1MORE and will retail for $104.


Be in the Game and Blown Away with Waves Nx 

The Spearhead VRX headset features Waves Nx virtual reality 7.1-channel audio technology. Waves Audio, is the world-leading developer of audio DSP technologies and a recipient of a Technical GRAMMY® Award. Waves Nx, is a ground-breaking 3D audio technology that utilizes intelligent head tracking sensors, professional quality acoustic emulation and physical modeling to deliver ultra-expansive soundstage with precise directionality and ultra-realistic sound.  Spearhead VRX headset powered by Waves Nx makes your headphones sound just like a 7.1 or 5.1-channel surround speaker system, making for an immersive and realistic sound experience.


Enjoy A Vivid Listening Experience

For that ultra-realistic sound experience both headphones feature 50mm graphene synchronized vibrating drivers. The combination of the vibrating drivers and sound propagation speed, accompanied by a super bass acoustic tuning, makes those booms, bangs and airplane noises extremely vivid.


Dual Mic Technology for Crystal Clear Communication

To greatly enhance in-game communication, the headphones feature a proprietary Environmental Noise Cancellation, (ENC), dual mic technology with a precise microphone array that can efficiently filter out over 90% noise while maintaining high quality voice transmission that’s as good as face-to-face communication. It gives the probability for crystal clear sound quality in both loud internet bar and noisy outdoor environments.

Ergonomic Details for Comfortable Wearing

With the integration of a high tensile strength stainless steel head beam, an adjustable flexible head band, and 360°all-around ear cushion, the headphones provide resilience and natural clamping force that is comfortable for long term use. Their ergonomic design is also suitable for various head-sizes to provide comfortable use for anyone.  Both headphones also feature a user-defined LED lighting kit that offers over 16 million different color options.

Both headphones also feature a modern futuristic aesthetic that marries form and function into a package that’s not over-stated, or over-done, like too many other gaming headphones.


Brand New Sounds Enable 1MORE’s Gaming Era

As gaming increases in global popularity, so too has grown the demand for high-end gaming headphones to meet the needs of the modern gamer.  1MORE is at heart an audio innovator, so to partner with another industry leading audio innovator like Waves Audio, was a natural fit.

“[the] 1MORE Spearhead VRX is the first gaming headset that features our ground-breaking Waves Nx technology”, said Tomer Elbaz, EVP & GM Consumer Electronics Division of Waves Audio. “Waves Nx is a Virtual Reality Audio solution that creates hyper-realistic audio scene in which users can get totally immersed, it elevates every gaming experience to the next level by providing ultra-accurate 3D sound that lets users hear every detail and know exactly where sounds are coming from. The strategic partnership between Waves and 1MORE are set to deliver premium audio experiences to gamers around the world with outstanding combination of acoustic design, system integration, and Waves audio processing,” he added.

With this latest release, 1MORE stays true to form and honors its namesake by always being the “1” that does more.



1MORE is a consumer electronics company that focuses on acoustic technology research, headphones, smart hardware, and firmware device design.

1MORE offer more by transcending industry standards through progressive innovation.

Official website: www.1more.com


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Mobile: 186-0064-9589

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