Let This One Piece Thermo Mug Keep Your Grog Cool This Summer!

If there’s one thing a pirate hates, it’s warm grog! Join the best crew of them all this summer by getting your hands on one of these One Piece collaborative thermo mugs, which feature double walled insulation to keep your drinks hot or cold throughout a lengthy sea voyage.

There are three designs available, each of which holds around 400ml and retails for 2800 yen through the Jump Shop.

The Monkey D. Luffy mug comes in red and features The Straw Hats Pirates logo.

The Trafalgar Law mug comes in yellow and has Pirates of the Heart written across the top.

Lastly, the Tony Tony Chopper Mug features the reindeer himself on the front, against an elegant cream color.

Are you ready to start your treasure-hunting journey with Luffy and the crew?

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